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Apparel Management and Fashion ERP Software

Introducing Trenza Shop, the new B2B sales platform created by Skywinds Solutions for Momentis. The Trenza Shop B2B platform allows wholesalers and buyers to connect remotely, via a simple, easy-to use platform which can be entirely customized with Brand imagery and video. With full integration to the Momentis ERP, the sales and order process is more efficient and will improve the customer experience, and this from anywhere, at any time.


Development Months

Ongoing (Since February 2020)







# of Developers

3 Developers



Smartphone App Key Findings

Smart Assistant Basic

It is a Web App, an ERP Software that helps fashion and apparel wholesalers stay ahead of the competition by automating and streamlining processes while seamlessly integrating with 3rd parties to deliver unparalleled speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

App Goals

The company already had in-house developers but wanted us as their offshore partner to help them achieve 24/7 turnaround times and finish work around the clock. They first hired us for iOS development involving Apple, Xcode, and Swift programming and then extended that to include web development with Angular and .NET on the backend. Everything is hosted in Azure.

Mobile App Problems​

We had not created anything from scratch for them so far since their product has been around for so long. Instead, we develop new modules and enhance existing features. While it’s not an open-source project, we needed to submit pull requests for their team reviews those requests. Once approved, the request was pushed to the master codebase. Moreover, they usually give us all the details and specifications they need. We followed the patterns and practices they have in place, but they were also open to any suggestions we had.

Smart Software Solution​

Our resources are intermediate to senior-level developers for quick turnaround times, and the client was impressed with how quickly our second resource had gotten up to speed with their business. The developer takes feedback, internalizes it, and performs accordingly.Moreover, every time they review our work and provide feedback, we make changes exactly the way they want. The synergy of working with us has helped to scale their in-house team. Overall, we meet all of our expectations at the bar that they set.

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