Clever Plant App Design Simplifies Planting Through an Engaging System and Set of Functionalities

Clever plant app design screenshots

Clever Plant App Design Solves All Your Plant-Growing Dilemmas

Whether you’re new to growing plants or a somewhat experienced gardener, sometimes it’s difficult to determine if you’re doing everything right.

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With the Clever Plant’s app design by Skywinds Solutions, you’ll alleviate all your doubts and grow with your plants as the app teaches you how to engage with them properly!

The app provides detailed information about your plants and helps you ensure they are watered adequately and regularly. The platform is also a perfect avenue to network with like-minded enthusiasts to share their experiences!

Clever Plant’s App Design Helps You Build Your Watering Habits With an Intuitive Calendar

Have you ever forgotten if you’ve watered your plants? We’ve all been there. As you look at them in uncertainty, the anxiety of under or overdoing it strikes you. But with Clever Plant’s app design, you don’t have to push your finger into the soil to check.

Thanks to its sleek user interface, the app solves this problem by integrating practical watering reminders for all your plants, making it easier to track your daily progress. It assigns a name and a timer per plant and notifies the user of any needed action.

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The timer lets you know how much time has passed since you were supposed to water plants and helps you form a routine by simply checking your phone.

The design has a calendar view for watering tasks, helping you visualize and memorize important dates through the subtle green circles below them. You can also click on a date to see which plants need watering. And if you’re not a fan of the calendar view, you can check your needed future actions in a list view mode right below the calendar.

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Clever plant app design screenshot

Clever Plant App Design Provides a Platform That Nurtures a Community of Garden Lovers

Aside from the app’s functionality, it also encourages you to join a community full of plant lovers through a special feature. The Clever Plant’s app design understands that sharing your progress with others makes planting easier and more fun.

You can set up your profile and showcase your plants to fellow growers. Apart from a profile picture and a short introductory section, this platform counts your friends and plants.

In a nutshell, the app lets you make friends, give advice, and converse with fellow gardeners!

Clever Plant App Design’s Clean Layout Lets the Diverse Greenery Shine Through Expansive Positive Space

We’re all used to colorful, in-your-face apps on our phones. Alas, we’ve installed them not only for their amazing functionalities but aesthetics as well. However, leading app developers know when to utilize amazing visuals, and when to opt for more subdued design choices.

Clever Plant’s app design refrains from using artificial colors that would obstruct its purpose. Instead, it uses vast positive space to elevate its practicality and emphasize the myriad of plants through real-life photos.

These photos and the buttons are slightly rounded at the edges of their square or rectangular frames, so the user interface comes across as a more approachable and friendly, clean design.

The buttons are color-coded in a manner that reflects one’s intuition. For example, the button asking you to water a plant is green and the one you can use as a snooze for an action is colored white.

The headlines all feature a darker, natural shade of green, and the buttons are balanced between green and light blue. Overall, this color palette narrates the connection between a modern, digital solution and an all-natural, organic atmosphere.

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